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Ravens waiting to see where Dez Bryant is after lengthy football absence

The Ravens didn’t get Antonio Brown, who signed with the Buccaneers, but they did get Lamar Jackson a new receiver in Dez Bryant. Bryant, 31, signed with the Ravens’ practice

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Q&A: Dense breast tissue and molecular breast imaging

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: After a recent mammogram, I was told that I have dense breast tissue. What does that mean? Should I be concerned? What does that mean for my

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Europe is in trouble. The ECB is ready to unleash more stimulus

The European Central Bank is getting ready to unleash even more stimulus, warning on Thursday of clear risks as the region’s two biggest economies once again impose sweeping restrictions in

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Twitter is adding prompts, hashtags, and emoji to promote early voting in the US

Starting today, US Twitter users will get prompts in their home timelines to encourage them to vote early, as the November 3rd presidential election approaches. The updates will include push

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FBI, other agencies warn of ‘imminent cybercrime threat’ to U.S. hospitals

Federal agencies are warning of “an increased and imminent cybercrime threat” to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers, including so-called ransomware attacks. The warnings were in a report released Wednesday, and

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