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Major’s Last Kiss: Previously Abused And Vicious Horse Says Goodbye To Man Who Earned His Heart

“I’ll never forget the day my mom called me in a panic: ‘Janna, you’ve got to convince your daddy to get rid of that horse, it’s gonna kill him!’” Janna

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No practice for Myles Garrett on Wednesday

The Browns kicked off the practice week without their top defensive player. Defensive end Myles Garrett did not practice on Wednesday. He is listed with an ankle injury, although it

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Shot of alcohol can help an irregular heartbeat

Research out in this week’s issue of JAMA confirms the success of a treatment for persistent atrial fibrillation (AFib) that combines the standard treatment, catheter ablation, with a separate infusion

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Facebook fact-checkers to Trump supporters: We are not trying to censor you

“Anything I put on there about our president is generally only on for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden they’re fact checking me,” one woman outside a

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Republican lawmakers are furious after Twitter asks users to read stories before retweeting

House Judiciary Committee Republicans and committee member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) are spreading a misleading claim about a new Twitter feature that asks users to read articles before retweeting them.

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‘Miracle of nature’: Record number of endangered turtles hatch in Mexico

Record numbers of an endangered turtle species have hatched in Mexico this year — thanks to reduced human activity during the pandemic and dedicated efforts of an Indigenous conservation group,

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